Digital assets are more than just a buzzword. With the help of smart technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can improve existing processes and create new ones altogether

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Diversity programs at top investment banks, and how to access them

Diversity is a big deal to investment banks when it comes to graduate recruiting. As an industry that has a reputation for being largely male, predominantly white and the home of the economically privileged, a lot of energy is channelled into ensuring that the analyst pool is as diverse as possible. If you fall into…
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Goldman Sachs gives staff a big pay rise

It’s not easy to get pay right when you’re Goldman Sachs. Pay too much and you’ll be lambasted by ‘vampire squid’-type accusations, particularly at a time when many non-banking households are struggling. Pay too little and you risk losing traders who fancy their chances at hedge funds and electronic trading firms.  Faced with this choice, Goldman seems to have decided to brave…
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Dubai Announces New Economic Aid, Bringing Total to $1.7 Billion

The government of Dubai announced a new set of economic incentives on Saturday, as the city continues to fight off the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The new package, worth 1.5 billion dirhams ($408.4 million), was revealed through the Twitter account of the emirate’s Crown Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed. The new stimulus will be aimed…
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