Acquisition and Selling of Bitcoin for Corporations and Family Offices

EuroMed's bitcoin OTC brokerage is an intermediary market participant that connects clients with a buyer or seller who will execute their trade. The transaction process through a broker may take longer than it would through a dealer (i.e someone dealing directly on their own account), but one will typically gain the benefit of receiving multiple quotes on the trade and may have access to a higher quality counterparties. Competition between offers increases the likeliness that a trade will be completed at the best price possible. Brokers generally earn a profit by charging a fee for their services or by adding a spread to the quoted price.

EuroMed is an institutional member of some of the largest exchanges worldwide. This gives our clients access to all those exchanges and the beneit of our competitive pricing throughout all exchanges, thus leveraging our relationships and long standing in the market. Our exchange partners are able to provide competitive pricing on transactions and can often provide a higher level of trust given their public exposure. Exchanges may act as a direct counterparty to the transaction, or in the case of a very large trade, may make introductions to other large counterparties. Exchanges can also add value by providing institutional-level custodial services of purchased bitcoins after the transaction is completed.




Access to the deepest liquidity pools and exchanges in Europe, Asia and North America


Our trade desk team will hand hold clients throughout the whole process to ensure a smooth process


We work with banks in Europe, Asia and North America to receive and send  and clear international wire transfers


We build our business on trust and referrals and our team comes from a private banking background, valuing personal relationships