EuroMed Investment Management

Whether you are looking to generate income, preserve capital or safeguard your assets against inflation, a properly diversified investment portfolio can help you achieve these goals.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution because our consultations are devised around your individual needs. We take the time to get to know you and fully understand your priorities and attitude to risk before building a portfolio unique to you.

Investment Advisory Services

EuroMed offers a wide array of Investment expertise in investment opportunities in diverse markets and industries.

EuroMed's discretionary advisory services include holdings within an investment portfolio, and the trading of them to achieve a specific investment objective. We also offer money management, portfolio and wealth management.

Our Investment process

We follow a rigorous four-strand investment process to ensure we build bespoke portfolios around your situation, objectives, risk profile and time horizon.

We construct and manage portfolios using a wide range of appropriate investments, partnered with an emphasis on risk management.

We have a robust framework for asset allocation and investment selection, which is driven by the collective insight of our research teams and investment managers.

The four strands of our investment process

1. Assessment of global economic strategy and outlook

Through daily morning meetings, weekly investment meetings and regular strategy presentations, our investment managers review high frequency market and economic data, identify key messages and themes, highlight market issues, share expertise and undertake strategic and tactical analysis of business cycles and risk.

2. Monthly asset allocation process

Each month we bring together asset class specialists, and through a series of meetings, ascribe rankings to asset classes. This monthly asset allocation process means our investment managers have up-to-the-minute data and expert insight to help them make the best possible decisions on your behalf.

3. Active asset allocation

We believe asset allocation adds more value than any other investment decision. We therefore adopt a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation, ensuring that our macroeconomic view is incorporated into the blend of asset classes within your charity's portfolio.

4. Portfolio construction

Responsibility for constructing your portfolio lies with your investment manager. Our sector, stock and fund selection process, as well as risk analysis, play a key part. Your manager’s specific knowledge of your particular circumstances is then overlaid to build a suitable portfolio for you.

Meeting your needs


Taking time to understand your situation is at the heart of our approach. Your investment manager will help define your objectives, taking into account your current, short- and long-term requirements. We will construct a portfolio to suit your current needs but recognise that circumstances can change and maintain the necessary flexibility to reflect this.


You will have direct access to your investment manager and the team who help manage your portfolio. This means you can always pick up the phone to someone who will be familiar with your investments.


We have been managing our clients’ portfolios for many years, and our independently assessed track record over the last 5 years shows our success in consistently adding value in rising and falling markets.

Our credentials


Through our work with a wide range of clients we are close to the issues that matter to you and your business enabling us to tailor bespoke advice to help you gain the optimum results.


We work with hundreds of clients and understand how to create and evolve personal financial plans to successfully support growth.


Our offering is unique. No other firm can provide you such a wide range of personal, business and financing advice under one roof. Our truly multi-disciplinary expertise can be fully leveraged from day one or on an ad hoc basis as required.


You’ll receive practical advice and ongoing support from our partner-led teams with a genuine understanding of your business and industry, as well as the connections and track record to deliver results. For over 5 years EuroMed clients have been guided by our extensive knowledge and expertise.