Why become a Liquidity Partner?

Liquidity providers allocate funds with EuroMed Capital to earn a passive income every month on Ethereum, Bitcoin or USDT stablecoin. EuroMed allocates funds only with Tier1 partners to safeguard safety of your assets.


Partnership rewards/interest

Liquidity partners receive a monthly partnership reward of 1.75% monthly on their Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) and .75% monthly return on their stablecoin USDC (*subject to change). Partners can choose either to receive monthly payouts or compound their returns.

Example of compound returns on ETH and BTC on 100K over 12 months

No lock-in period

Liquidity partner must sign “Liquidity Partner Agreement” and agree to terms and conditions.

KYC approved

Liquidity partner must submit proper identification and must be KYC approved.

Your funds are secured

EuroMed only allocates funds with Tier1 liquidity partners, mitigating risk from loss of funds and adverse markets.

What is a Liquidity Pool?

A Liquidity Pool is a collection of cryptocurrency coins used to engage in the collection of fees from within the trades. This is run and secured by the unique smart contracts that interact in the decentralised exchange.

More About Our Liquidity Pool Options

BTC, ETH, and USDC pools are also available to our Liquidity Partner’s. The USDC pool has a slightly lower monthly return rate, but its advantage come from its stable nature, it being a stable coin.

  • BTC, ETH =  1.75%* Per Month.
  • USDC = Starting at .75%* Per Month.

(*Limited time offer & other promotional offers may apply)

Our Advantages

Whether you are an active Crypto Native or a newbie just starting out in the space, chances are that you want somewhere trustworthy to place your ETH or BTC, where you are guaranteed it’s position as well as its safety within the platform.

  • Returns of 23% APY with Compounding.
  • Guaranteed monthly return.
  • Dedicated team of experts.
  • Safety of assets.
  • Our customer support team is available every day of the week.
  • No Lock In period. You are able to withdraw funds at any time.
  • Possibility to invest initial capital and get payouts in FIAT and Cryptocurrencies using EuroMed's tradedesk services.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. The returns are generous in comparison to what banks are offering at the time. How are such returns possible?
A. The decentralised finance world offers ample opportunity to engage in crypto loans and other disintermediated financial products such as Uniswap and generate outsized returns in comparison to the traditional financial markets. Returns offered by EuroMed are in line with what can be found in the market whilst minimising risk.

Q. With Celsius and other large crypto loan firms going bankrupt, how does EuroMed mitigate risks?
A. EuroMed only allocates capital with Tier 1 partners which can guarantee safety of assets. This is done by asking all our counterparties to pledge their own assets against client funds so that if something would go wrong, client assets are safe.

Q. How much funds is recommended to allocate to the liquidity partnership?
A. Like with all investments, investors should never invest money that they cannot afford to lose. This is one of the first rules of investing that applies to all sectors.

Q. How long do I have to wait if I need my funds back?
A. There is no lock-up period for funds in the liquidity pools. You would email our support and within 48-60 hours your withdrawal request would be processed.