Early stage strategic investments with a focus on fintech, payments and blockchain technology

International trade brokerage in various industries predominantly agricultural products, food supplies and sustainable products

Consultancy in technology focused projects, be it front end, back end, SEO, regulatory requirements, scalability and more


In Latin America, China Gets Down To Business As U.S. Dithers

Before COVID-19 raged through Chile in all its lethal  power, Jorge Barrios sat in his living room using sanitation wipes to scrub a recently received package. “It’s from China,” he said. “You have to be careful with these things.”   It was February 2020, and although most Chileans had heard of COVID and its ability to kill,…
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Germany And The EU Are Hopelessly Behind On EVs & Artificial Intelligence

The EU is hopelessly behind the US and China on technology that will lead the future. It will stay that way… Sleepwalking Into Oblivion Eurointelligence has an interesting article on how Germany is Sleepwalking Into Oblivion. Current policy debates are rightly focused on the consequences of global bifurcation. But perhaps an even bigger danger for the EU is…
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Alphabet Shares Slide On Report Samsung Abandoning Google For Bing

Shares of Alphabet slid during premarket trading in New York on Monday following a New York Times report on Sunday that revealed South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung was considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on its devices.  NYT said Google’s employees were “shocked” when they heard about the news in March.…
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