Early stage strategic investments with a focus on fintech, payments and blockchain technology

International trade brokerage in various industries predominantly agricultural products, food supplies and sustainable products

Consultancy in technology focused projects, be it front end, back end, SEO, regulatory requirements, scalability and more

From bears to bulls to AI booms

Bears did it again? The massive move lower in the AAII bull – bear spread (outlined here) has resulted in markets squeezing lately. Nothing new, but frustrating for the crowd. Source: Refinitiv Smart money Smart or not, but they missed the latest squeeze… Source: Barclays Buyback ATH 29% of global stocks are buying back their shares,…
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JPMorgan Chase to spend $200 million on carbon dioxide removals

LONDON, May 23 (Reuters) – U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) will spend over $200 million on carbon dioxide removal credits to take away and store 800,000 tons of emissions as part of its sustainability efforts, it said on Tuesday. Even with pledges of huge reductions in emissions, many scientists believe extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) by…
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Europe Agrees To Remove Energy Support Stimmies To Cut Budget Deficits

In a move that could send Europe into an even a deep recessionary tailspin and crush the continent’s long-suffering consumers, should Europe’s energy problems extend into the new year – which they almost certainly will – last Thursday Euro zone finance ministers agreed to withdraw energy support measures to their economies and use the savings to…
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