EuroMed Venture Capital investments 2023 recap

2023 has proven to be a bumper year for world economies. Inflation, international security and instability have plagued the year. The flipside to turmoil is the creation of pockets of opportunities. In 2023 EuroMed went into overdrive with its Venture Capital department and doubled down its proprietary investments in fintech companies and affiliation. The department also allocated investments in new sectors.

2024 will be a year of consolidation and incubation of new companies under the EuroMed Group. The company will focus on preparing some of its existing holdings up for acquisitions and partial exits. Whilst 2023 has has witnessed a doubling in overall revenue, 2024 looks to be a better year for both recurring and exit revenues.

Disclaimer: EuroMed does not invest money on behalf of other individuals or institutions but only its own proprietary funds. EuroMed does not provide financial advice. Queries can be emailed to