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Germany And The EU Are Hopelessly Behind On EVs & Artificial Intelligence

The EU is hopelessly behind the US and China on technology that will lead the future. It will stay that way… Sleepwalking Into Oblivion Eurointelligence has an interesting article on how Germany is Sleepwalking Into Oblivion. Current policy debates are rightly focused on the consequences of global bifurcation. But perhaps an even bigger danger for the EU is…

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The EU Will Lag On AI For The Same Reason It Lost On Phones And EVs

Let’s discuss why the EU lags on artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, cloud storage, phone technology, and nearly everything else… Eurointelligence comments Europe is Losing the AI Battle. Having missed the first stage of the digital revolution, Europe is now in danger of missing the next big phase: that of artificial intelligence, a technology that is now…

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